10 Things to Check Before Purchasing Web Hosting

10 Things to Check Before Purchasing Web Hosting

In today’s techno-savvy world, the web hosting industry is extremely competitive due to massive growth and use of the Internet. Nowadays, people want to have their own website to promote their businesses. The web hosting companies compete against each other by offering more disk space and bandwidth at cheaper prices or free domain names along with the purchase of a web hosting plan. People face lots of issues after buying services from hosting providers; the main reason behind this is they don’t research properly while purchasing the same.  There are certain factors that you need to consider while purchasing a web hosting plan from hosting providers. Factors like domain name, bandwidth, storage space, RAM, CPU, etc. are essential to be considered before choosing service providers. You need to scan each offer and look for the features that are required to host your website.

Contract Terms/ Length

The web hosting providers can’t afford to offer anything for free. There are always some terms and conditions that you need to focus on while purchasing any hosting plan from hosting providers. Just go through the terms and conditions and then only finalize your service provider.

Server Backups

Server backup plays a vital role while hosting any website because at any disaster moment you need to have a data recovery plan on your side to save all your data. The giant hosting companies always give multiple backups that provide you with the facility to take multiple backups of your files in different locations.

Server Uptime

If you’re running an online business then server uptime plays a vital role in the same. While running an online business, if you’re facing too much of downtime then you need to bare maximum profit loss. Select the web hosting provider which offers maximum uptime guaranteed at an affordable price.

Negative Press / Reviews

 Always search for the reviews of the web host before you purchase hosting from hosting provider. Prior to purchasing hosting services, search for the reviews but confirm if the negative reviews are really negative or just false statements. Many times people over exaggerate a small situation on a large scale so that potential customers may get divert and don’t buy the hosting plan from even a reputed company.


From the large pool of hosting companies, some of them offer guaranteed uptime or the best customer service.  It is always a great practice to research for the awards that a web host has received. Some of the leading hosting providers like to display the awards on their website that have been given to them while others promote these awards on review sites.

Compare prices

Choosing a web hosting company is the bit a tedious task. Compare 2-3 companies before purchasing the hosting plan from hosting provider so that you get an overall idea. Survey and comparison of the web hosting companies let you provide an advantage of knowing the web hosting company in a more detailed manner. Furthermore, it makes easy for you to select a web hosting company based on your business niche and website requirements.

Look for coupons

Try to go for the hosting plan and provider which offers some coupons or discount on their yearly hosting packages. It’s a win-win from the buyers as well as sellers perspective. From the sellers’ perspective, the potential customer may get attracted to the offer they are providing while buyers can easily save their money just by choosing the appropriate hosting package from the hosting provider.

Programming language support

It totally depends on your website which programming language you prefer to build your website.  Most of the hosting providers, nowadays, offer PHP as a standard language because it is widely used throughout the world.  Sometimes it may happen that you may require additional languages to run some functions properly.

Customer/ Technical support

After purchasing service from the service provider, it is important for you to have good technical support from the hosting company. While working on a website, if things go wrong then you need somebody to resolve the issue regardless of the time it triggers. Most of the web hosting provider offer 24/7 technical support through phone, live chat and email. MilesWeb has a great reputation for their customer service and is always giving their best while resolving any issue.

Hosting plan details

It is important to know each and every features or service the web hosting company is offering to you. Don’t trust blindly what the company is offering and sign for the service. Make sure you’re getting services worth enough for what you’re paying for. If yes then only go ahead otherwise switch to a company and other hosting plans.  In a web hosting niche bandwidth, disk space and domain name play a vital role.

Cheapest isn’t always best

As you know “You get what you pay for”.  Actually, that works for both web hosting as well as in general in life. Cheap hosting plans are always set up on shared hosting which means that your site is shared with anyone from 10 to 100+ other websites.  So, choose a web hosting plan and company according to your business niche or website requirements.

The mentioned points are really beneficial from the newbie or expertise perspective. It’s just that you need to select and work on the points which are essential to you.

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