How to Blog on Your Business Website

How to Blog on Your Business Website

While it is vital for any business to have a website to help establish an Internet presence, a website alone is not enough to make a name for your company. The site has to be updated frequently so that the information, or content, stays fresh and helps draw traffic to your website. One of the best ways to keep your website up-to-date is to blog.

Why Blog?

The main purpose of a blog is to help draw traffic, or potential customers, to your website. When you blog, especially on a regular basis, you can help improve your website’s search engine rankings and appear closer to the top of results pages on browsers like Google and Bing. Fortunately, you don’t have to be very tech savvy to blog and the digital agency in Melbourne that designed your website can integrate a blog platform onto your site and show you how to update it.

What Should You Blog?

There isn’t a specific list of topics you should write about in your blog, but you should strive to make your blog posts informative, entertaining and/or promotional. The reason for people to seek out your website is to find out about the products or services your company offers that they may be interested in purchasing. Your blog posts should centre on some of the aspects of your business, including the products and services your company offers.

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Your blog posts could include information about how to properly use the products you sell or, if you are asked the same question frequently, you could write a post answering that particular question. You could also post more personal information about your business, such as introducing the employees who work there or tell the history of its founding.

Informational or promotional blog posts are often shareable, meaning that when your web visitors read them if they like the post, they will share a link to it on their social media accounts. When you update your blog, you should link to the post on your company’s social media sites to help promote it so it will help draw traffic to your site. This will give you a chance to convert web visitors into paying customers.

How Often to Blog

Having fresh content on your website is important for improving or maintaining your site’s search engine ranking and blogging on a regular basis is a good way to update your site’s content. While frequency is important, consistency matters as well. Set up a blog schedule that is right for you, but makes sure you are consistent with your posts. So, if you decide to update your blog once a week or twice a month, make sure to do so consistently.

Blogging is a good way for a small business to become known in their community and to draw the attention of potential customers who are interested in the type of products or services your company offers. An interesting blog will keep your current customers informed about your business and help you attract new customers.

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