How to Use Post Tags in WordPress Effectively

How to Use Post Tags in Wordpress Effectively

When you started publishing articles on your WordPress blog then you must have seen Post Tags section over there. It is there at bottom right hand side but most of the bloggers and WordPress users don’t know how to use them effectively. In order to learn how to use post tags in WordPress effectively, you need to first know what Post tags are

What is Post Tags

In WordPress, Post Tags are used to allow different pages or posts to be interlinked via some link text and these link text used for the navigation purpose are known by Post Tags.

In simpler language, post tags are just like categories which serve keywords. You are already aware of categories in WordPress. But there is a difference between category and Post Tags.

Categories are used to categorize content according to a topic but Post tags are used to interlink two pages or posts via a text link that can be used for the navigation purpose.

Where People use Post Tags Wrong?

Most of the WordPress users or bloggers don’t know how to use post tags effectively. They just put on the keywords or subtitle or different-different titles as the Post tags.

Earlier before Panda and Penguin updates, using Post tags like this was somehow worked but now in the era of these two updates if you use Post tags like this then this will increase the chances of getting your blog penalized.

Google doesn’t allow such use of Post tags because this creates duplicate title issue and somehow you’re trying to increase the keyword density by doing keyword stuffing.

Now how it looks similar to keyword stuffing? Well, post tags are shown at the bottom of the post or page, right? All the tags you use will be lined up one by one and if you use keywords there then it will look like keyword stuffing, isn’t it?

So, don’t use Post tags for putting keywords, different title, etc.

Now, How to use Post Tags in WordPress Effectively?

After reading the above statements, you must be worried about Post tags and chances are there that you delete all of them and stop using them.

But here you lose something because Post tags can be really helpful but only if used in an effective way.

I researched over the internet for months to find out the effective way of using Post tags. I came across many ways but didn’t find the effective one.

Recently I found an effective way and it is working impressively. It is increasing the SEO scorecard of lots of my blogs so you can use this technique as well.

Remember, Google wants us to create a proper structure of a blog. By proper structure, Google wants our blog to be interconnected so that user can easily navigate from one page to another.

Now suppose you’ve one category label as “Smartphone” and you posted about Samsung, HTC, Motorola and many other smartphones related news or any kind of articles.

Now you can use Samsung, HTC and Motorola as Post tags. In all Motorola related articles use “Motorola” post tag, in all Samsung related articles, use “Samsung” post tag, and so on.

This is how you’ll interconnect two or more than two posts or pages via Post tags and this is how you can use the Post tags effectively.

But remember, Post tags should not be same as of your categories.

Many pro bloggers use Post tags only and use them for all navigation purpose. They don’t use categories feature of the WordPress because Post tags are working fine for them.

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