Jobs With a Degree in Marketing

Jobs With a Degree in Marketing

Many people aspire to earn a college degree at some point in their lives. Many aspire to do post-graduate work as well. That being said, some degrees are very specific in their applications while some are wide open in terms of available jobs. A little research can help you out in the end. We have looked at degrees in journalism, history and chemistry. Now let’s look at jobs with a marketing degree.

A marketing degree educates students with a wide range of foundational knowledge of the business world. Marketing skills emphasis advertising, market research and even public relations. Another crucial skill is the ability to research and asses market trends in order to be effective in their jobs. You might even find yourself doing some event planning. It can provide a fun career that involves creativity and interacting with people. Here are some jobs.

Marketing Director

Marketing directors are in charge of a company’s marketing and advertising campaigns and promotions. Some positions are entry level while many more can be very high up. The higher up positions will often include responsibilities such as overseeing entry-level positions that range from market research or even product development. While there often is a need for high-level creativity some of the more days to day activities can include composing mail outs, company newsletters, email advertisements, running workshops and sponsoring events. Other objectives can include identifying target markets, analyze economic trends and develop pricing strategies. You can work for a large corporation or a smaller private business. Industries range far and wide from accounting firms to manufacturers to hospitals.

Survey Researchers

A degree in marketing can also lead to a job as a market researcher. These jobs collect and apply the data needed to conduct proper advertising and marketing campaigns. Using database information, statistical reports and marketing surveys you would gather the statistical data you need for campaigns. You know those advertisements for paid studies and focus groups? That is marketing surveys in action. Some researchers also work in developing new survey techniques while others work exclusively with data. Many also gain experience in one particular field through internships and entry-level jobs.

Public Relations

A public relations specialist, sometimes called media or communications specialist, are people who act as the face of company, organization or even an individual. Specialists organize many of the public events that companies plan to increase the public’s awareness of them.   You may also work with marketing directors to produce proper print, radio, email and television advertisements. You can also work as press secretary for the government or political parties. You can also work for an individual like a celebrity handling all of their point of contact duties.

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