Main Requirements to Software for Project Management

Main Requirements to Software for Project Management

Quite often in the project-oriented organization arises the question connected with the selection of a software solution for project management. Such a task is very important and challenging. It is important that the selected software satisfies the requirements of the project team and ensures the full and high-quality support. Modern software solutions allow improving the effectiveness of project management processes within the company. The main task here is to find the right product that will meet all the needs of your company management system. Project Management

Typically, the most important factors, which are considered when selecting the software for project management are the user interface, data management, the planning mechanism, collaboration opportunities. If all these requirements satisfied the needs of your company, then this software product can be used effectively as part of the project management system. Let’s consider each of these factors separately in order to understand their meaning and role.

User interface. The first thing that draws the attention of the user when working with the software product is the user interface. When choosing a software interface, you should consider those features, which help to enter and view information: flexibility of screen form organization, accessibility of assistance systems, ease of tools editing, the presence of templates. The user interface can be evaluated in terms of ease of development of software tool and estimated based on the following parameters: usability, the presence of formula, flexibility of contextual search, the presence of tutorials.

Data management. With the improvement of the software solutions, developers began to put more emphasis on easing the process of data entry and navigation in the software product. Data management should be developed to provide opportunities for access and transmission of information, group, association, administration and adaptation of project data. When using a multi-project management, the amount of information inside the organization increases significantly. In this case, there is a necessity for access to various information sources. For example, using different applications and systems may need to combine this data with information about the projects. Differentiation of access to information about the projects is also a prerequisite for data storage. In complex information systems, it is necessary to use an industrial database management system in order to provide users with quick and reliable access to data. In cases where the data is stored in multiple locations or in multiple databases, it may be necessary to use distributed storage systems and means of replication.

Information grouping. Depending on the role of the project team, project participants need access to different information. Common databases often support operation when one user has access to more information than they can use at a time. For optimal and efficient operation it is important to build a reliable system of data manipulation to allow the user to group information in accordance with their knowledge and experience. The administrator should determine the information needs of individual users and organize the output data, querying, views and reports in accordance with their requirements. Data should be presented in the form of a user-defined time-based segment organized into a hierarchy system. The graphical representation of the data is very convenient.

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