Two E-mail Marketing Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Mailing List

Two E-mail Marketing Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Mailing List

Email marketing is unequivocally one of the best ways to keep in touch with your clients and to increase sales. You have to know how to use it, however, because it can also drive people away if you’re not careful. There are many tips and tricks out there that can help you to be effective, but it’s also important to concentrate only on a few tips at a time. Below are two of the most effective email marketing tips and strategies that you can start using immediately.

Create an Auto-responder Series

In order to keep your visitors engaged and loyal, you have to do some work to help them get to know you and your brand. As soon as you gain a new subscriber, you need to work hard to keep them on board and interested in your content. An auto-responder series is a series of emails that are automatically sent out to new subscribers on a schedule that you determine. Typically, when a new subscriber comes aboard you’ll need to have them confirm their e-mail address. After this happens, you want to start providing them value immediately. This will help to ensure that these people return to your site in the future, and this will also help them to appreciate what you do for them. You can also create a series of other e-mails that are sent out at specific time intervals. Perhaps you could send the second e-mail in the series after three days, and then another every week for a couple of months.

Use Your Auto-responder to Provide Value

Many small businesses and personal brands use their auto-responders to try to generate sales, but you need to be careful about how you approach this delicate matter. Often, people get onto your e-mail list because of a free incentive. While savvy visitors will usually understand that you will eventually try to make a sale, many of your subscribers do not understand the purpose of your e-mail list and may become frustrated if you begin trying to make a hard sale immediately. Rather than focusing on generating revenue, allow the e-mails in your auto-responder series to focus on what you can do for your subscribers. It’s okay to mention products that you believe will be helpful, but you must be careful to design the content so that readers do not feel that making sales is the primary purpose of the e-mail.

As an example of a way that you can do this, your first e-mail could be designed to welcome them to your list and to provide a guide to all of the content on your site that you believe will help them. Your next e-mail might be a helpful walkthrough or a time-saving tip. Eventually, you may design an e-mail that provides value to the reader immediately along with a way to get a premium product at a discount. Of course, if you need help setting up an auto-responder series, you may want to hire an Infusion Soft expert in Brisbane/Gold Coast.

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